Master Jae Woong Kim is head of the Diamond Monastery in Korea and a disciple of the late Master Sung Wook Baek who taught the practice of surrendering: "Whenever a thought or an emotion occurs in your mind, offer it up to Buddha with reverence." In this profoundly practical paperback, Master Kim opens our hearts to the teachings of the Diamond Sutra.

The author notes, "Constantly watching one's mind is the basis of spiritual practice." Master Kim would have us surrender our delusions, our preconceived notions, our discriminations, and our "karmic hindrances" (laziness, hatred, or lust arising from our inner world) and give them all up so the mind can be filled completely with Buddha's radiance. He calls this "the housekeeping of one's mind." It is a powerful practice.

Master Kim writes creatively about the problem of loneliness, the value of hiding our hardships in order not to worry others, the Buddhist ideal of planting merit, the energy of different seasons and times of the day, the significance of bowing to those who point out our faults, and the point of practicing unceasingly but not intensely.

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