In this stirring testament to the resiliency of the Christian faith, Joan Chittister, a Benedictine sister and social psychologist with a doctorate in speech communication, creatively spells out the meaning of the Apostles Creed, phrase by phrase. For her, this testament is not an index of dogmas but "a catalog of choices, an inventory of possibilities, a roster of visions. . . . It is a call to a great 'amen,' the great 'Yes' to life." She breathes new life into these familiar phrases, reaching out to those who demonstrate their love for the church by questioning it.

Chittister writes with sturdy conviction and an impressive knowledge of contemporary spirituality. I love her call for "language that gives us a fuller picture of God who birthed us." I resonate with her understanding that "Heaven is becoming what I am and have always been and am meant to be in full." I concur with her ringing assertion that if the Holy Spirit can work through the humanity of Jesus, then the Spirit can also act through us. And I rejoice with Chittister over the holy-making project of the communion of saints — a journey that grows more adventuresome each day. This is a pathbreaking resource for Christian educators to study and use in parishes.