Karen Casey is a much sought-after speaker at recovery and spirituality conferences throughout the country. Her first book, published anonymously in 1982, was the mega-seller Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women. Since then she has written 17 books.

After nearly three decades of sobriety, Casey is convinced that dramatic life changes happen in small increments. Her main point is that although we cannot change a person or a situation, we can change our minds and the way we think. This self-help book contains 12 simple steps to help us respond with inner peace to the challenges, disappointments, and surprises that come our way day by day.

Here are few of the Casey's principles:

1. Let go of outcomes. You are only responsible for doing your best. Stop being a future dweller and live in the present moment where true joy is possible.

2. Choose to act rather than react. Don't worry about what others are thinking or saying about you. A reactive life is a life full of anxiety and second-guessing. Detach from other people's business.

3. Give up your judgments. These toxic feelings and conclusions imprison you and hinder your relationships.

4. Every encounter is a holy encounter — respond accordingly. Nothing happens by chance so read everything and try to find the lesson in what you are experiencing. Be grateful for what shows up in your life.

5. Do no harm. Be intentional about this. Refrain from criticizing others or physically harming them. Try to be a helpful person.

These are some of the simple steps that can lead to a peaceful and meaningful life. Casey's self-help book is a winner!