This nine-hour audio workshop features Sharon Franquemont, an internationally known intuition teacher, consultant, and coach with 30 years of experience. She helped pioneer graduate classes in intuition at John F. Kennedy University. She explains that we are all born with this amazing faculty but most of us rarely trust it or practice it.

Franquemont presents her seven-part system for mastering your intuitive power with sections on knowledge, body, creativity, the big picture, vision, relationships, and the Earth. She is convinced that this natural resource electrifies our lives because it flourishes in the context of purpose and soul. She has designed a seven-day intuitive fitness program for the body that will enable you to increase your InQ (intuition quotient). She also has helpful suggestions on the relationship between this God-given gift and dreams, time, joy, and silence.

"The primary wisdom is intuition," Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote. This comprehensive audio workshop will enable you to tap into this great stream of wisdom.