August Gold, a renowned spiritual educator and lecturer, has been an interfaith minister since 1989. She is the founding minister and spiritual director of the Sacred Center for Spiritual Living in New York City. Matthew J. Perlman blends spiritual questioning and imagination in his work as an interfaith minister. He is a graduate of the New Seminary in New York, and the photographs in this book are animated by his hope that they help everyone to spot the Divine in everyday life.

"God lives in us all!" say a mother and father to their child. They continue: "God's all there is and all that you see!" Yet the response is "But I still don't see God, so can it be?" The child is then asked to see God through the eyes of the heart. To do so means to be able to see God in things that are big and small, in the dark and in the light, in the treetops and in dreams. Best of all:

"God lives in everyone
here on the earth;
That's why we all shine
from the day of our birth."

(Take a long look at the photograph of the little girl on this page and you'll see that shine, that divine effervescence!)

God not only is present in everyone but also in all our days and in all our doings: both when we fly through the air with joy or when our face is sad and covered with tears. No matter what the mood or whatever the moment, God's love surrounds us.

This multicultural, nondenominational, nonsectarian paperback has been endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Buddhist religious leaders. Where Does God Live? received the Independent Publisher's Book Award for Most Inspirational Book for Children. Hats off to Gold and Perlman for this delightful and wonder-filled tribute to seeing with the heart that God lives in and all around us.