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Multiply Your Blessings An adaptation for the twenty-first century of an ancient form of prayer.
Multiply Your Blessings August Gold and Joel Fotinos on how prayer partners help work each other's spiritual muscles.
A Little Daily Wisdom A collection of 365 verses from the Bible along with daily affirmation prayer.
Does God Forgive Me? A rounded and relevant treatment of forgiveness for children ages 3 to 6 years of age.
Does God Hear My Prayer? A spiritual jaunt on prayer as an amphibian adventure of talking to God and listening for the Divine.
The Prayer Chest A spiritual adventure story about the power of prayer and the pluck it takes to surrender to God and welcome all that comes our way.
The Prayer Chest August Gold and Joel Fotinos with a story about prayers being answered when we listen.
Where Does God Live? A celebration of seeing with the heart that God is present in all creation and in every person.