Jennifer Phillips is an Episcopal priest, published poet, liturgist, and hospital chaplain. She is vicar of St. Augustine's Church on the University of Rhode Island campus and the author of two books and a column for Episcopal Life. Her prayers appear in supplemental liturgical materials for the Episcopal Church.

Phillips has a keen eye for everyday spirituality and includes many prayers here that demonstrate the presence of God in chores, driving, and difficulties such as divorce, robbery, being assaulted, or having a stillborn child. She states:

"Scripture enjoins the faithful to pray without ceasing, and surely this suggests gathering even the trivial moments of our days and lifting them to God. This little collection offers prayers for many occasions, mundane and extraordinary, for which someone might struggle for words to pray — not fancy words, nothing Elizabethan, just simple expressions that lend themselves to be spoken aloud, that are connected to the venerable tradition of Christian prayer while also fresh and direct."

The author's prayers illustrate her contemporary focus and simple but elegant writing style.

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