This erudite collection of interviews, essays, folk tales, and spiritual observations on Hinduism is edited by Margaret H. Case and taken from the 30-year archive of Parabola magazine. The paperback is divided into eight sections:

The Macrocosm
Maintaining Social Order: Ritual and Sacrifice
The Disruption of Order: Maya and Play
The Four Aims of Life
Modes of Experience
Meditation and the Discipline of Yoga
The Self

We especially enjoyed essays by Diana L. Eck, Eknath Easwaran, Sri Aurobindo, Wayne Teasdale, Wendy Doniger, and Heinrich Zimmer. This collection gives a rounded picture of the importance of folk tales, spiritual practice, and a diversity of belief in Hinduism. The book is part of Parabola's Anthology Series edited by Ravi Ravindra.