Frank MacEowen is the author of The Mist-Filled Path and a lifetime student of indigenous wisdom, dreamwork, and the transformative power of the natural world. In this soulful work, he takes a look at the Celtic way of seeing and the four directions.

He begins with "The Settling of the Manor of Tara", a traditional Irish story, and then moves on to the Irish form of sacred mapping which includes not only the external landscape but also the inner soulscape of human beings. Here the West is associated with knowledge, North with battle, East with prosperity, South with music, and Center with sovereignty.

MacEowen hits high stride in chapters where he explores each direction of the Irish Spirit Wheel. In this way of seeing, the eye is linked to the heart so that we are open to powers, energies, and knowledge that exist beyond us. We were happy to see that the spiritual practices of longing (yearning) and vision are part and parcel of this tradition. MacEowen concludes: "Wisdom and an almost relentless power are embedded in the energies of the Irish Spirit Wheel. They place us in the stream of energy we need to bring about balance and refinement. When we truly embody these energies, we become a force aligned with life, a force that can restore the proper order of things."