According to Marie Farquharson, the features editor for Here's Health, a toxin is "any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in your body — undermining your health and impairing its proper function." Each day our bodies must ward off a toxic onslaught that includes pollutants in the air and water, the impact of our stressful and sedentary lives, and a cocktail of additives in most basic foods.

Farquharson suggests that individuals start to make changes in their diet and lifestyle to reduce their intake of toxins. She outlines a variety of natural detox programs that can be done in the home ranging from a one-day mono diet to a three-week rejuvenation diet. Also included are relaxation, meditation, and visualization exercises along with some healing spa components (skin brushing massage and hydrotherapy treatments and stretches). Farquharson concludes that detox is one of the best gifts you can give your body. It will prevent disease, rest your organs, purify your systems, clear your skin, and improve your flexibility.