Mimi Doe is the author of the award-winning 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting, and she inspires thousands of parents each year with her personalized workshops and a popular online newsletter. In this accessible resource, Doe presents stories and ideas to enrich family life. She notes:

"It is my hope that you come to believe that families are created rather than inherited, and you begin to invent yours with imagination and joy. Creating a life you love means putting your own self-care into the equation. Creating a calmer, more connected family begins with honoring your own mind, body, and spirit — fueling yourself so you can nurture your most important relationships."

Busy But Balanced is divided into a chapter for each month of the year, each with balancing tips, resources, and quotations. These subjects will give you an idea of the seasonal emphases in each section:

• January — Ways to Begin Again — as a Family
• February — Family Love — Valentine's Day and Beyond
• March — Seven Core Concepts for Connected Families
• April — Nurture Family Creativity
• May — Family Unity
• June — Soulful Fathering
• July — What's Working Now?
• August — Encourage Family Respect
• September — Back to School
• October — Access Overload
• November — True Thanksgivings
• December — Create a Simpler, More Meaningful Holiday

Whether writing about the money dance, the loving power of pets, parent chants, soulful homes, helping kids manage fear, overcoming obstacles, accepting gifts, energy vampires, compassionate kids, or creative risks; Doe manages to hit the spot with her intuitive observations and down-to-earth balancing tips.