While quite a few authors have written recently about socially responsible parenting, this top-notch paperback puts it all together in one place for those who want to nurture family ties and to raise children who are sturdy in mind, body, and soul. Reder, Catalfo, and Hamilton, who are veteran journalists on these issues, define whole parenting as a set of values encompassing "holistic health, an interest in personal growth and caring relationships, a deep and more personal spirituality, a mystical appreciation of nature, environmental stewardship, a social conscience, an appreciation of different cultures, a rejection of the dominant culture's materialism, and, in its adherents' own holistic and progressive way, strong family values."

The authors present tips, strategies, and resources for welcoming your child into the world; choosing the right toys; bringing diversity into the home; teaching children to think critically; exercising as a family; making competitive team spirits more cooperative; cultivating relationships with extended family; fostering volunteerism, activism, and charity; and answering children's difficult questions about God and spirituality.