This sturdy anthology collects pieces by Jewish activists about social justice, environmental responsibility, and global concerns. The editors, Rabbi Or N. Rose, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, and Margie Klein, see the book as a call to individuals active in the organized Jewish community (synagogues, schools, and other communal institutions) to work for systematic change in the United States, Israel, and elsewhere in the world. They also believe that the religious teachings and practices of Judaism can be a source of "inspiration, guidance, and support for the work of social justice." Together the essayists in this volume challenge readers to heed the prophetic tradition of righteous indignation and to join with others working on a progressive faith-based agenda.

The book is divided into chapters on:

• Judaism, Justice, and American Life
• Renewing Creation: Judaism and the Environment
• The Temple of the Spirit: The Human Body
• The Yoke of Oppression: Social and Economic Justice
• Klal Yisrael: Creating an Inclusive Community
• Seeking Peace: Israel, Palestine, and American Jewry
• The Seventy Nations: Global Concerns

Among the many ethical topics covered are environmental action, toxic waste, renewable energy, health care, the AIDS crisis, embryonic stem cell research, domestic violence, poverty, immigration, education reform, genocide, and sharing the Holy Land.