Paramhansa Yogananda came to the United States from India in 1920, bringing to the West the teachings and techniques of yoga, the ancient science of soul awakening. In addition to bringing the most practical and effective techniques of meditation, he showed how this practice could be applied to all aspects of life. The articles in this paperback contain much of his wisdom and insights about creating and maintaining spiritual relationships.

He begins with friendship:

"Friendship is God's love shining through the eyes of your loved ones, calling you home to drink His nectar of all selfishness-dissolving unity. Friendship is God's trumpet call, bidding the soul to destroy the partitions that separate it from other souls and from Him. True friendship unites two souls so completely that they reflect the unity of Spirit."

Yogananda also counsels us to "be a cosmic friend," which includes a camaraderie for all creation. The love we have for those closest to us must be expanded to a fellowship with others and even our enemies. Yogananda believes that friendship is "a manifestation of God's love," a view we definitely agree with. He notes that service is the keynote of this form of intimate relationship. The opposite of this reaching out is selfishness, which he calls folly. Gossip, unkindness, oversensitivity, jealousy, and flattery are all manifestations of this egotistical behavior.

In another section of this paperback, Yogananda covers marriage and family life with counsel and observations on the spiritual dimensions of sexuality and parenting. There is also material here on separation and loss.