Marsha Karzmer is an independent signing agent and videographer. Her specialty is creating inspirational messages by cutting phrases, headlines, and words out of magazines, newspapers, or any print media at hand. In this gladsome work, Karzmer salutes the manifold pleasures of friends. Here is what these companions do for you:

• inspire you
• hang out with you
• provide a shoulder
• tell you the truth
• remind you of who you can be
• help you live up to it
• love you best

At one point, Karzmer writes: "You love your friends because they are unedited, unpredictable, unforgettable." We usually think just the opposite of a close friend: they are familiar and predictable. The author cracks open a door here to let in some light. Karzmer wants us to celebrate the down-home and total honesty of a friend, to be happy with their ability to surprise us, and to give thanks for the magic moments that we share together. This delightful gift book by Marsha Karzmer beckons us to rejoice and be exceeding glad for the friends in our lives!