Anne Robertson is executive director of the historic Massachusetts Bible Society and a United Methodist minister. She is the author of Blowing the Lid Off the God Box and God's Top Ten. The title for this paperback is taken from the following story:

"A little boy reached that terrifying time of day when his mother would turn out the lights in his room and leave him for the night. Afraid of the dark and of being by himself he cried out for his mother to stay. Being a woman of faith, she reassured her son that God would be with him through the night. 'But, Mama,' he cried, 'I need God with skin on!' "

Robertson is interested in exploring the extraordinary ramifications of the Incarnation — God with skin on — and the relationships we have with ourselves, others, and our Creator. In various chapters on parents and children, siblings, our covenant partners, extended families, friends, peers, authority figures and enemies; the author makes it clear that we may be "the only Jesus some people ever meet." Along the way, Robertson comments on the Biblical witness to each of these relationships.

By far, the most interesting section of the book is when the author addresses being in relationship with the other parts of Creation. Robertson looks at the bond between animals and humans and concludes "to consent to be the steward of an animal — be it dog or sheep or ferret — and to protect and love that animal with all you have is to gain a glimpse of the heart of God." Of course, the relationship moves in the other direction as well: the incredible love given to us by our pets. Robertson also explores virtual relationships and admits to enjoying video games. She creatively continues:

"God's MySpace page is the Bible itself. There's the self-revelation of the page and a bazillion friends, millions of whom have left comments, both positive and negative, about God's nature, behavior, and page content. Finally, there is the ultimate divine avatar, Jesus, who God used to enter our world. At last, God's Facebook profile had a picture!"

After reading God with Skin On, you will definitely become more sensitive to the movement of God's love in all human relationships!