Debbie Ford is the author of Why Good People Do Bad Things and is featured on our website as a Living Spiritual Teacher. In this practical and accessible guide, she presents a three-week journey which offers "a full-immersion approach to spiritual renewal, emotional transformation, and reconnection with your deepest purpose." The idea here is to cleanse the mind and soul of toxins which hinder personal growth and well-being. By doing so, you celebrate the powerful truth that "You are a child of the universe, a molecule of the divine spirit that orchestrates your greatest existence."

In preparation for the 21-one day experience of detoxification and spiritual renewal, Ford shares five rules to observe:

1. Unhook from the Outer World
2. Give Up the Self You Know
3. Be Willing to Shift
4. Put God First
5. Expand Your Container (Be Open to New Possibilities)

The First Week is set up to help you make peace with the past by clearing away negative thinking, turbulent emotions, false assumptions, outdated beliefs, and assumptions which have served as hindrances to your highest and holiest self. The Second Week teaches you to access the power of the present by tapping into freedom, responsibility, humility, acceptance, fearlessness, love, and integrity. The Third Week aims to foster a vision of the future where you can expand your soul through joy, partnership, inspiration, gratitude, passion, and compassion.

Also included as resources for this cleanse are thoughts for beginning a new day and a few tools such as consciousness lifters, flame protectors, and commitment boosters. The goal of this 21-one day journey is to experience peace of soul. Ford ends with eleven new rules to remind you of the new self you have become after connecting with your soul's deepest purpose. The author dedicates the book to honor the writings and teachings of Emmet Fox, a minister, healer and mystic.