This is a revised edition of a 1988 book by the founders of Mid-Life Directions, an ongoing, international forum of popular workshops, seminars, and retreats for fostering personal and spiritual growth at mid-life and beyond. Janice Brewi and Anne Brennan see middle age as a time of promise and peril: "The once unconscious and newly awakening potentials unleashed in life's second half can create turmoil and havoc even while they push for creative growth."

Focusing on stories from individuals they have counseled, the authors examine how these men and women have wrestled with dormant aspects of their personalities; how they have renewed their spirit with childlike wonder; and how they have tried to integrate what they have learned about self, the world, others, and God into a unified whole. Throughout the book, Brewi and Brennan use insights garnered from the Bible and the Christian path to shed light on the challenges of mid-life spirituality.