Mother Teresa (1910 – 1997) stands as a model of selfless service. She began her novitiate in India in 1928 and founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 to serve the poor and rejected members of society. Her order has opened more than 500 centers worldwide to help the dying and the destitute. Mother Teresa was the recipient of many of the world's most prestigious humanitarian awards including the United States Medal of Freedom, the United Nations Albert Schweitzer Prize, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

This handy little paperback contains Mother Teresa's thoughts on compassion, silence, joy, contemplation, generosity, and sacrifice. There are touching stories about the value of service and little acts of kindness and love. The final section includes some of her favorite prayers along with her commentaries. Here is a sampler of some of the wonderful quotations in this rich spiritual resource:

• "Let us not use bombs and guns to overcome the world. Let us use love and compassion."

• "In loving one another through our works we bring an increase of grace and a growth in divine love."

• "In silence we will find new energy and true unity. Silence gives us a new outlook on everything."

• Joy is not simply a matter of temperament; it is always hard to remain joyful — which is all the more reason why we should try to acquire it and make it grow in our hearts."

• "Seeking the face of God in everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time, and seeing His hand in every happening — that is contemplation in the heart of the world."

• "Every act of love is a work of peace, no matter how small."