Lee Holden is an instructor in meditation, qi gong, and t'ai chi; Rachel Carlton Abrams is a family practice physician specializing in women's health and sexuality. They have both worked with master Mantak Chia for more than 20 years. He is the foremost proponent of Taoist sexual practices in the West. This 6 CD Sounds True Audio Learning Course runs 6 1/4 hours and contains a 27-page study guide. Holden and Abrams state the purpose of this program:

"The practices in this program are intended to help you achieve a fuller, more vibrant expression of your sexual energy. Whether you're single or with a partner, these techniques will deepen your relationships, enhance your overall vitality, and bring a blissful flow into your everyday life. However, these benefits go far beyond sexuality and influence everything from emotional balance to higher consciousness."

The practices and understandings on the body, mind, and spirit are grounded in a branch of Taoism called the "Arts of the Bedchamber" — a series of methods for amplifying sexual pleasure. Six sessions cover:

1. Accessing Your Life-Force Energy
2. Taoism, Emotions, and Sexual Energy
3. The Spirit of Sex
4. Female Sexual Energy
5. Male Sexual Energy
6. The Couples Practice.

Holden and Abrams clarify the importance of making sure that jing qi flows through the body and is not blocked. They begin with a mix of conscious breathing and attention exercises that serve as a seedbed for life-force energy. There are also helpful suggestions on cultivating your passion, the inner smile, orgasmic energy, the female libido, the three stages of the male sexual practice, and the Alchemy of Ecstasy exercise.