Kathleen Long Bostrom is a Presbyterian minister and author of dozens of books. She is co-pastor with her husband Greg of Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Wildwood, Illinois. They have three children.

Christian parents are always on the lookout for resources and ideas on how to raise their children with respect and delight in their spirituality. Bostrom quotes Howard Rice as saying: "Spirituality is a pattern by which we shape our lives in response to our experience of God as a very real presence in and around us." This opens the way for a vibrant everyday spirituality which is evident as children are eating, during what happens at school, in their way friends are treated, how sports are played, technology is used, money is spent, and daily chores are done. Many of these subjects are covered in 99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children. Each section includes a Biblical passage and a provocative question. Here are some of our favorite sections of the paperback:

• Learn How to Lose
• Embrace the Mystery
• Write a Family Creed
• Practice Hospitality
• Make Manners Matter
• Anticipate the Good
• Be Kind to Animals