In a Nutshell: Howard Thurman was a Christian theologian and author who espoused Gandhi's nonviolent methods in the West and was active in the struggle for equality and civil rights. Here are seven hours of his broadcasts, sermons, and prayers.

About the Author: Howard Thurman (1899-1981) was a remarkable spiritual leader and an inspirational Christian preacher and teacher. He was the first African-American Dean of Boston University's Daniel Marsh Chapel and cofounder of the first multiracial, interdenominational church in the country. Thurman was an advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the author of 20 books. You can read Howard Thurman: Essential Writings, edited by Luther E. Smith, Jr., for a wide-ranging sampler of his words.

Sum and Substance: The six CDs here are a Sounds True Audio Learning Course; those familiar with Thurman's legacy offer introductions. The sessions cover the following themes: "The Inward Journey" with comments from Vincent Harding on Thurman's mysticism; "Encountering God" with comments by Luther E. Smith on Thurman's devotional sense; "The Power of Love" with comments by Edward Kaplan on this important emphasis in Thurman's faith and vision; "Healing Community" with comments by Alice Walker and resources on human solidarity; "Coping with Difficulty" with comments by Lisa Rankow on suffering and failure; and "The Politics of Living" with comments by Michael Bernard Beckwith on Thurman's handling of the spiritual imponderables. There is a 26-page study guide with this Audio Learning Course.