Paula Huston is a former writer of literary fiction who now is a Camaldolese Benedictine oblate. In this Lenten retreat, she focuses on the spiritual practice of humility using Jesus and the desert fathers and mothers as resources. Huston writes a meditation and then suggests a Catholic practice to do or an informal one from everyday life. The paperback is divided into sections on simplifying space, money, the body, the mind, the schedule, and relationships.

On Day 2, Huston shares this quotation: "An Elder was once asked when the soul acquires humility. He answered, 'When it thinks about its own vices.' " As a practice, the author suggests doing some task which has been put off for a long time because it humbles you to do it.

On Day 6, we read another story from the desert fathers: "Abbot Pastor said, 'Any trial whatever that comes to you can be conquered by silence.' " As a practice Huston advises setting up a special place where can savor peace and quiet.

Other spiritual practices which caught our fancy are avoiding looking at advertisements for a day, giving away something that you are not using but that has sentimental value to you, custody of the eyes, foregoing a daily treat, spending time kneeling in prayer and seeing how it effects you, and spending one hour in solitude.