God calls each and every one of us to be an answer to someone else's prayers. In this marvelous children's book, designed for those four years and older, award-winner Sandy Eisenberg Sasso has fashioned a tale about two rulers, the Prince of the Midnight Kingdom and the Princess of the Desert Kingdom. The former needs oil for his lamps while the latter needs water for her tea. Walled off from each other by pride and stubbornness, they are unable to get to a place where they can share these essential provisions. Two children are the spiritual teachers whose acts of generosity enable the two kingdoms to recognize their interdependence. This enchanting tale is beautifully illustrated by Avi Katz.

Sasso, the author of eight children's books including God's Paintbrush and In God's Name, shows us that sharing is the key to creating a better world and winning God's "amen." This multicultural, nondenominational, and nonsectarian story is tailor-made for a world where separation creates barriers between peoples, cultures, and religions. God Said Amen salutes the generous heart and the wonders it engenders.