A More Ardent Fire Commentaries on passages from the Bhagavad Gita on the Way of Love.
A Place Like Any Other Shares her interpretation of God's activity in her life and our world.
After the Ecstasy, the Laundry A profoundly practical and illuminating work on spiritual practice.
Arise, My Love . . . Heralds a global Christianity that is open to mystery, hospitable to all religions, self-emptying and prophetic.
Awakening the Buddhist Heart Shows us how to activate a spiritual intelligence that informs and animates all our relationships.
Beyond the Myth of Marital Happiness Moves beyond the myth of marital happiness based on good communication, emotional gratification, and intimacy.
Blessings for the Fast Paced and Cyberspaced A wonder-filled book with many suggestions.
Building Self-Esteem Speaks boldly and broadly about the nature of faith, grace, mystery, prayer, and personal transformation.
Calm Surrender A helpful and healing work that sees this spiritual practice as love put into action.
Desiring Life Demonstrates ways in which this ancient monastic tradition speaks boldly to our times.
Eyes of the Heart A compassionate treatise on behalf of the poor.
Faith Works An expansive and hopeful work about how faith-based organizations are addressing the nation's most pressing social problems.
Finding a Joyful Life in the Heart of Pain One of the most profound and practical resources for those hobbled by chronic pain.
God Said Amen Children's book that shows that sharing is the key to creating a better world and winning God's amen. For Children
Happiness Here and Now An excellent primer on the spiritual benefits of interfaith dialogue,
Healing Dreams Reveals the soulful qualities of these meaningful journeys through the imaginal realm.
How the Children Became Stars An interfaith gold mine of 52 stories filled with spiritual insights. For Children
How We Behave at the Feast Makes a good case for courtesy.
Illuminata A smorgasbord of devotional material suitable for everyday life.
Imagine Essays by 40 contemporary thinkers on their visions of a better America in the next 50 years.
Into the Tangle of Friendship A fascinating and incisive overview of this important relationship in our lives.
Jesus A marvelous tapestry of meanings about the historical figure at the heart of Christianity.
Leap An exploration of Hieronymus Bosch's painting Garden of Delights as a catalyst to faith as a Mormon.
Life Abundant A soul-stirring theological work that calls Christians to be justice in a world of gross inequities and rampant selfishness.
Living from the Center A watershed work of Christian activism.
My Grandfather's Blessings A masterwork filled with stories of strength, refuge and belonging.
One River, Many Wells A wide-ranging and substantive sourcebook on the spiritual wisdom of the world's religions.
Ordinary Resurrections A work of great empathy and compassion about a poverty-stricken South Bronx neighborhood and the vulnerable children who live there.
Rabbi Jesus Expands our understanding and appreciation of the life and ministry of Jesus.
Remembering Well Thoughtful resource on planning funeral and memorial services.
Show Me Your Way A resourceful and pensive scout in the new territory we may all be exploring in years to come.
Spirit Matters A grand vision of emancipatory spirituality.
Still Here A very inspiring and wise book about healing by a spiritual teacher whose close brush with death has become for him an opportunity for transformation.
Sweeping Changes A fine primer on making household routines part of the path of spiritual practice.
The Barn at the End of the World A gritty and enlightening spiritual memoir, perfect for an age of religious pluralism.
The Battle for God An examination of the militant and vociferous voices of fundamentalists in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from a period covering 1492 - 1999.
The Book of Awakening A daybook tapping into the wisdom of the world's religions and the depths of contemporary psychology.
The Book of Jewish Values Presents wise counsel using illustrative material from Jewish tradition and contemporary experiences.
The Courage for Peace A philosophical and practical book of the spiritual principles that undergird peacemaking.
The Direct Path Critiques the guru system and then offers instruction in sacred practices that can help us draw closer to God and commit to political, social, sexual, and economic transformation.
The Force of Spirit Sterling essays that measure important meanings and provide images of the amazing adventure of everyday spirituality.
The Global Soul A dazzling collection of essays on the anxieties of living in a borderless world.
The Illuminated Prayer Triple blessings with the poetry of Rumi, the devotional ardor of Coleman Barks and the dazzling illustrations of Michael Green.
The Intimate Merton An exquisite, soulful and searingly honest volume.
The Leaf and the Cloud A wonder-filled collection of poems that open us anew to the beauty and mystery of the world.
The Nature of Generosity A bold and daring example of questing literature.
Upside Down A watershed work on justice with its heartbreaking portrait of those left out of the rising tide of economic benefits and privileges enjoyed by the rich and the powerful.
Who Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself A fine traveling companion over the years as you change in mind, body, and soul.
Zen Sex A good case for the transcendent communion that can take place in the act of making love.