Marney K. Makridakis founded the Artella online community for creators of all kinds and the print magazine Artella. She is a popular speaker and workshop leader especially with her ARTbundance approach of self-discovery. Visit her online at

One of the keys to a transformed life is to find as many ways as possible to imagine, create, and reshape time. As Marci Shimoff states in her foreword, time seems to have sped up with all the technological toys at our disposal. Makridakis sets out to recreate time outside a linear view. Each chapter is brimming with personal stories, anecdotes, pop culture references, an ARTsignment, and a tantalizing haiku. The paperback has a special four-color design and Makridakis puts on display the creations of more than 80 artists.

In 14 chapters, we are introduced to creating time through flow, gratitude, love, ritual, stillness, metaphor, synchronicity, visualization, and more. Along the way, the author sheds light on time and relativity, chronos and kairos, activating love through memory, fragmented time, dreams and hunches, and time transcendent tools.