Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (1999). During this fascinating interview with New Dimensions host Michael Toms, he presents the findings of his research on the inexplicable behavior of domesticated pets. How do cats know beforehand that their owners are going to take them to the veterinarian? Felines are able to read humans' intentions. How is it that dogs are able to psych out when their owners are coming home? They connect telepathically. Parrots and horses also have this ability. Sheldrake has ruled out various common sense explanations and come up with his theory of "morphogenetic fields" that link people and their pets.

One of the reasons half the people in the United States have pets is that they derive such pleasure and satisfaction from them. Studies have proven that the animals also have healing powers. Cats, dogs, parrots, and other domesticated animals are for many of us our only link to the animal kingdom, a connection that is stored in our "ancestral memories." Sheldrake also discusses the amazing navigational skills of animals, their sensitivity to earthquakes and avalanches, and their abilities to tune into our feelings.