Eileen O'Hea is a psychotherapist and spiritual director. A member of the board of directors of the World Community for Christian Meditation, she travels widely giving retreats and workshops. The author describes the process of spiritual director as "meeting Wisdom as she works in the kitchen of our souls." O'Hea's lyrical appreciation of the feminine aspect of God shines through these pages. When we are fed by Sophia or Wisdom, we are ready to savor the blessings of life. O'Hea describes this bliss in a poem titled "Water Lilies." "They sit, / each day, / all day, / just there; / attuned / to night and day, / opened / to what is."

According to the author, many people enter into spiritual direction with hopes of experiencing "intimacy with divine love." O'Hea describes some of the different personality types directors will come across and offers advice on how to address their concerns and needs. She notes: "Our willingness to forgive or be forgiven is a major theme in the process of spiritual direction and one where we meet Wisdom as midwife." She also takes a look at the role of the senses on the spiritual journey, the practice of Christian meditation, and the importance of discernment. In an addendum, the author presents an overview of journal keeping as "a wonderful tool for journeying in the spiritual life, for dialoguing with Wisdom at work in our lives."