B. Alan Wallace has been a scholar and practitioner of Buddhism for more than 40 years and has been leading workshops and retreats on dream yoga for more than 20. A former Tibetan Buddhist monk, he is the author of many books including Genuine Happiness and The Four Immeasurables. He is the founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies.

According to Wallace, paying attention to our dreams can result in the following dividends: increased creativity, solving problems, healing emotions, and providing provocative inner theatre. In this book, he melds lucid dreaming (being conscious that you are dreaming) and Tibetan dream yoga.

After discussing the meditator's approach to shamatha, Wallace moves on to a consideration of lucid dreaming techniques including making positive affirmations, planning ahead and imagining the outcomes, developing a critical reflective attitude, and writing dream signs down in a dream journal.

In his assessments of Tibetan dream yoga, the author focuses on the core practices of emanation and transformation. The combination of the two approaches enables people with lifelong disabilities to dance, to fly to other planets, or to engage in activities denied them by their limitations. Wallace ends this scholarly work with responses to frequently asked questions.