Rabbi Tirzah Firestone is a Jungian therapist, founding rabbi of the Jewish Renewal Community of Boulder, Colorado, and author of With Roots in Heaven: One Woman's Journey to the Heart of Her Faith. On this exhilarating two-and-one-half hour audio presentation, she expounds on the path of ecstasy that involves "both the earthly and heavenly components of our being." Rabbi Firestone harvests teachings and practices from the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, as a spur to spiritual growth for women.

She begins with a powerful Tree of Life meditation based on the central image in the Kabbalah. The practice of drawing sparks of light up and down the spinal column brings healing energy to all parts of the body and balances energy at the same time. Rabbi Firestone explains the five components of soul and then shows how individuals can create a relationship with their inner guide (maggid). Other ecstatic practices covered here are the Living Water meditation, Kindling of the Sabbath Lights, and the Chain of Souls meditation.

Rabbi Firestone is an enthusiastic and lucid teacher who is able to bring these ancient esoteric practices to life. Her earthy feminine wisdom will be very appealing to spiritual seekers of all stripes.