Rob Bell is a bestselling author and international teacher and speaker. He is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His books include Velvet Elvis, Sex God, Jesus Wants to Save Christians, and Love Wins. He was profiled in TIME Magazine as one of 2011's hundred most influential people. Visit Rob Bell at

Bell received a ton of publicity when angry fundamentalist Christians head about a video he made and accused him of heresey for proclaiming universalism instead of the orthodox Christian view that God sends unbelievers to hell. In his bestseller Love Wins Bell described Jesus as the expression of God's love for the world.

This is a welcome study guide to that book edited by David Vanderveen. It contains insights and commentary by a wide range of theologians, Biblical scholars, and parish ministers; Biblical passages that deal with heaven, hell, and salvation; and discussion questions for individuals and groups along with more probes on Love Wins. Bell makes a good case for his emphasis on grace over judgment.