Mikaela Katherine Jones is an inspirational writer, speaker, Intuitive, and creator of the Delight Frequency Manifestation Process. You can visit her at www.mikaelajones.com.

Light and delight are the centerpieces of this lively collection of inspirational quotations. The author sees all of us as bearers of the light; we can illuminate our lives and the lives of others by acts of love, kindness, generosity, compassion, gratitude, being present, and forgiveness.

We can choose by conscious intention to make our light shine more brightly in the world. Jones has 111 suggestions on how to do that. Are you ready to work with the light?

Brighten every place you go. Count your blessings and share the light with others. See yourself as a glorious, radiant being. Toss worry out the window. Focus on the positive in others. Let your heart sing. Say "Yes" to life. Let go of the past and all regrets and resentments. Be someone's anonymous angel.

You get the picture. These light boosters can lift your spirit, perk up your mind, and send you on your way rejoicing!