Matthew Mumber is an award-winning, board-certified oncologist, and Heather Reed specializes in using meditation and yoga as healing modalities. For nearly a decade, they have led retreats for people facing health challenges.

In the foreword, Dr. Andrew Weil writes: "Sustainable Wellness describes a larger medicine, one that includes the tremendous healing power rooted in the natural world and our own internal resources. This is the next step in the evolution of health care."

People of all ages will find this to be a life-enhancing resource with its multileveled treatment of wellness and its mix of inspirational quotations, exercises, and practices. Mumber and Reed are convinced that the ability to see with new eyes fuels sustainable health. They define health as a state of balance with our external and internal environment and wellness as the individual experience of that balanced state we call health.

The core of the book is "Eight Steps to Lasting Health":

• Mindfulness
• Know Thyself
• Life Review and Planning
• Nutrition
• Physical Activity
• Stress Management
• Spirituality
• Bringing It All Together

Taking a cue from Ken Wilber's integral emphasis (mind, body, and spirit), the authors have come up with a program that responds to the imbalances of life. Those who are looking for a healing and healthy path are sure to find this well-structured approach appealing.