My Neighbor's Faith grew out of a national conference on interfaith education in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim seminaries (or their equivalents) in the United States, held at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College in April of 2010. The three editors are Jennifer Howe Peace, assistant professor of interfaith studies at Andover Newton Theological School and co-director of CIRCLE, The Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education; Or N. Rose, director of The Center for Global Judaism at Hebrew College and co-director of CIRCLE; and Gregory Mobley, an ordained Baptist minister, a professor of Christian Bible at Andover Newton Theological School, and co-founder of CIRCLE.

In this collection you will find more than 50 personal narratives by individuals about "a significant moment in their lives when they were inspired, challenged, or transformed by an encounter with another religious tradition." Among the writers are Brian McLaren, Arthur Green, Roger Gottlieb, Paul Knitter, Mary Boys, Michael Lerner, Rodger Kamenetz, Samir Selmanovic, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, and Eboo Patel. These essays make up seven sections:

• Encountering the Neighbor
• Viewing Home Anew
• Redrawing Our Maps
• Unpacking Our Belongings
• Stepping Across the Line
• Finding Fellow Travelers
• Repairing Our Shared World

The personal narratives in My Neighbor's Faith collectively portray the adventures of interfaith encounters, the exhilaration of listening and being heard, the joy of sharing commonalities, and the delight of seeing one's own faith in a new light after such meetings. Best of all is when brothers and sisters in the Abrahamic traditions can set aside differences and work together in the repair of the world!