Donna Eden has taught self-empowering workshops to more than 80,000 people around the world. She is the coauthor with David Feinstein of the bestseller Energy Medicine. In this handy and accessible guide, she and her daughter Dondi Dahlin present energy exercises for common ailments and a five-minute daily energy routine to fine tune body and spirit.

After a brief overview of the 14 meridians as the body's main energy pathways, the authors discuss acupressure points, chakras, and auras. Eden then proceeds to the exercises which can activate healing and helpful energies. We tried the "Arm Attachment Stress Points" to get lymph flowing so it can remove toxins from the body. The authors suggest "Crown Pull" as a prelude to meditation and a way to clear cobwebs from your mind and bring calm to your nervous system. There are also exercises designed specifically to handle fear and stress. Eden has come up with movements that accentuate joy and restore memory.

The Little Book of Energy Medicine ends with a five-minute daily regimen to provide energy balancing, strengthening of the immune system, and increasing vitality.