Dosung Yoo was ordained in the Won Buddhist Order in Korea 1994. He is now retreat leader and resident teacher at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, New York, where he teaches meditation and Buddhist thought.

In this ambitious work, Yoo presents his commentary on the Heart Sutra, regarded as one of the most important Buddhist texts. His intent is for readers to discover their authentic self and to experience the freedom, peace, and happiness of the inward journey.

Yoo presents the historical background to the text and then suggests ways to embody the Heart Sutra, including study, contemplation, and altruistic action. He proves himself to be an adept teacher whether explaining the three traits of human existence, emptiness of self, nonduality, The Four Noble Truths, and sudden enlightenment. Yoo wins our stamp of approval by his use of colorful stories, personal anecdotes, bits from Charles Dickens, and quantum physics to make the Heart Sutra more relevant to the modern scene.