For those lucky enough to have the experience, it's a great thrill to see whales in their natural habitats. This picture book is the next best thing for children. Written by April Pulley Sayre and illustrated by Jamie Hogan, it follows a mother humpback whale and her calf on the great annual whale swim from the Caribbean to summer feeding grounds off the coast of New England and back — one of the longest migrations of any mammal.

Sayre provides information on how humpback whales got their name, sing, and breathe. She also points out the dangers they face including ocean pollution, giant ships, and hungry orcas. The variety of blues in the text vividly captures the beauty of the ocean and the graceful movement of these large creatures in the water.

Here Come the Humpbacks! has been designed for children 4 through 7 years old. This picture book gives kids a chance to marvel at the mysteries and the magnificence of the whales.