Canadian writer Richardo Keens-Douglas has adapted this children's picture book from a Caribbean tale about the creation of the world. The accent is on the goodness and playfulness of creation rather than on sin and separation.

Papa God creates light and then the beautiful round world. Mama God suggests that they "touch up" the place with trees, flowers, animals, birds, water, and fish. They lose track of all the glorious things they bring into being. She says she likes looking at him and suggests he put something that looks like him on the earth. So Papa God fashions man, and then Mama God makes woman. They make more and soon there are people.

After a stroll through the heavens, they decide to make the people different from one another because it would be too boring if everybody looked and spoke alike. "This way," Papa God says, "they can live their lives learning all about each other." They love their creation of human beings and speak of them as "masterpieces."

The folksy and colorful illustrations by Stefan Czernecki add to the uplifting mood of this creation story.