Pablo Picasso once said: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Carolyn Scrace would agree: she sees Zen Doodling as a meditative craft that can bring peace and calm to those who are stressed out. It can be done by anyone anywhere. Zen Doodling brings out the child in us and offers delight in patterns, colors, and combinations of different forms. This playful and enchanting instruction book inspires us to do that and more!

There is an entire section of this paperback devoted to mandalas, meaning "circle" or "completion" in Sanskrit, recognized for their spiritual meaning as a representation of wholeness. "Drawing mandalas," she notes, "can help you to find inner peace as you connect with the greatness that exists all around." She shares ideas for yin and yang mandalas, sun and moon mandalas, snowflake mandalas, and more.

Other creative chapters cover getting inspired, experimental techniques, and using Zen Doodles on greeting cards, picture frames, and journals.