Isabelle and her beloved dog Brecken were born on the same day. They bonded and spent a lot of time enjoying each other's company. But when he dies she is bereft — feeling a mix of emotions including anger, sadness, and loss. In a dream, Isabelle goes on a quest to find him in the woods. A deer, a fox, some rabbits, and a big black crow are of no help in locating Brecken, although they do remind her of things she loved about her dog. Then he appears and they spend a brief period of time together before she must say goodbye. Isabelle wakes up and knows that Brecken will live forever in her memories of him.

This poignant picture book about grieving is written and illustrated by David Lupton for kids ages 4 - 8 years. It is from the press of the American Psychological Association.

The death of a pet is a very difficult thing for youngsters to go through, and they need guidance and wise counsel from their parents or grandparents. At the end of this paperback, Dr. Alan Peterson offers a few coping strategies which can help kids as they struggle with emotions, dreams, and questions about death. These include gathering further support, creating a ritual to honor the loss, encouraging creative expression, and discussing your next steps as a family.