In his introduction to this multifaith collection of prayers by men who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Native American, bestselling author Brian McLaren commends this resource and writes "a good man also knows the needs that surround him are too great for him to carry alone, so he shares them with God, whose heart is ever bigger, whose capacities to help are even greater than his own."

The prayers are organized into five thematic modules: Strength, Faith, Healing, Hope, and Courage. We especially like "The American Indian Ten Commandments" as a prayer of practice to serve and care for Mother Earth, John O'Donohue's "The Space Between Us," Ted Loder's "Help Me Listen," and Daniel Buttry's "Turning the Negative Tide." And here is one by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov that is simple and to the point:

In Thanks

"My God,
it has taken me time,
but I'm finally learning
to trust You.
When I called, You answered;
when I cried, You sent relief;
when I was in need,
You came through.
You are there for me
in every instance.
I need only
look, think, and understand,
and I can always find You;
there You are,
always ready to help.
Thank You, God,
for waiting for me."