Little owl has fallen from his nest where he has enjoyed all the comforts of home with his mother who feeds, cares, and looks after him. Luckily, he is not hurt in his fall to the ground. A squirrel has seen the whole incident and immediately presents himself as someone who can help the little owl find his mother. When he asks the lost one what his mother looks like, he responds that she's "very big." So the squirrel takes him to a bear but the little owl says that is not his mother. Responding to other descriptions, the squirrel takes him to a rabbit with pointy ears and a frog with big eyes. The squirrel persists until he locates the owl's mommy who has been looking for him everywhere. They invite their new friend to have some cookies with them in their nest as a reward for his kindness.

Author and illustrator Chris Haughton has fashioned an endearing boardbook for youngsters from the ages of 2 through 5 years who still feel very attached to their mothers. Our hearts go out to the lost little owl and we are grateful that he finds a kind caregiver. In Little Owl Lost the world is a place where help is at hand when we are in trouble. This is a spiritual message that all youngsters need to hear and take to heart.