For many of us there is nothing more beautiful or pleasing than the turquoise color of the ocean under a welcoming blue sky. The stunning watercolors of award-winning artist Meilo So are wedded with the light-hearted and buoyant poems of Kate Coombs in this exquisite children's picture book.

We see the marvels of seagulls soaring high above us. We find ourselves wanting to listen to the waves and catch the wind in order to discern what secret messages they have for us. We are delighted to get a glimpse of water artists — fish by themselves or swimming by in groups. Turtles have places to go along with the octopus who leaves behind a dark cloud in the water.

If we listen carefully, the drift wood on the beach will share what it has seen in its travels. And the ocean leaves "trinkets of shell and stone" for us as a reward for our attentiveness.

Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems by Kate Coombs and Meilo So is tailor-made for lovers of the ocean, beaches, fish, and other beauties of the natural world.