Geshe Michael Roach is a Princeton graduate and the first American to receive the Geshe, or Master of Buddhism title, from a Tibetan Buddhist monastery after 25 years of study. He is the author of The Diamond Cutter, a global bestseller which tells the true story of how he was ordered by his spiritual teacher to work in New York City for a diamond firm. Roach applied the teachings of the Diamond Sutra to his everyday labors without letting anyone know about his spiritual path. Under his leadership sales of the company soared to $200 million. Roach currently serves as CEO of the Diamond Cutter Institute which teaches the secrets to personal success and the many routes to personal happiness and fulfillment in relationships.

This handy paperback resource is structured around 100 questions on many dimensions of relationship in our lives. Roche answers them with stories from couples he has counseled as well as with spiritual practices to be tried. For him, the word karma has to do with the fact that what we say, think, and do has an impact on others. By paying closer attention to this process, we can change our lives and transform our relationships with others.

Throughout the book, Roche refers to putting karmic principles and practices to work. He calls this planting the seeds. Through our words and deeds, we are creating the kind of reality we want to experience. We can bloom by planting positive karmic seeds and always serving others. To accomplish our heart's desire takes plenty of energy and that means taking good care of our bodies, minds, and souls. It is fascinating to watch how Roche relates these seed practices to time pressure, living together, doing things together, sleep problems, sex, finances, addictions, and getting older together .