Magination Press is an imprint of the American Psychological Association, the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychologists in the United States and the largest association of psychologists worldwide. The author of this impressive children's picture book for those between the ages of 4 and 8 is Lauren Rubenstein, a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Bethesda, Maryland.

Here children are asked to welcome their emotions — "Can you ask what it wants, and then check it out? Welcome it and listen to what it's about?" — and not to divide feelings up into good and bad ones. They are encouraged to use their imaginations as they measure them: "How does it feel? Is it light as a cloud, floating on air? Or heavy and huge like a grizzly bear?" And more: "Is it soft like your mom when she whispers goodnight? Or loud like a baby who fusses and fights?"

The creative illustrations by Shelly Hehenberger serve as further encouragement to children to open their hearts and minds to emotions as they pass by. In a note to parents, Rubenstein explains the process of mindfulness as a way to help boys and girls turn their attention to present moment with all its fullness. She also suggests some reflection activities, breathing exercises, and cognitive activities. Working with emotions at home is a wise practice that could deliver large benefits to parents and their children in the long-run.