Anna is thrilled to be participating in her aunt's wedding as the flower girl. But on the big day, she starts sneezing. Everyone seems to have a home remedy to stop sneezes. A few of those recommended to Anna are press your finger to your lip, wiggle your ear lobe, pinch your nose, whisper "pineapple," and hold your breath. As this enthusiastic little girl is deluged with data, the adults are actually draining away her energy with their obsession that she not sneeze during the ceremony.

Pamela Morgan has written and Martha Aviles has illustrated this whimsical children's picture book which is aimed at children from five to nine years of age. It is probably unintended by the author but these adults give us the impression that weddings must be perfectly planned and orchestrated whereas in reality, spontaneous emotions are expressed, mistakes take place but are overlooked, and the overall joy of the event obliterates flaws and mistakes. We cheer Anna for not caving in under all the advice given her, and we would counsel the adults next time to relax and go with the flow.