Nina Lesowitz, a leader in women's business in San Francisco, and Mary Beth Sammons, an award-winning journalist and author, contend if there ever was a time for people to dig deep and draw upon their inner strength, this the time given the global sweep of problems. What is courage and how do we use it in the face of so many serious issues?

Lesowitz and Sammons have gathered together a collection of inspiring stories about brave individuals who have stood up for their ideals and spoken truth to power. Others have undergone adversity and in the process developed a new resiliency. Still others have dealt with serious health crises and forged new paths of service.

In addition to all the edifying stories, Lesowitz and Beth Sammon have included invaluable sidebar materials on how to create an attitude of courageousness, recommended inspirational reading, and a set of "power practices." Here is an example of the latter:

"Stop for a moment and ask yourself who in your life has helped you through difficult times. Not a person who has dispensed advice, or told you just to buck up, have courage, and get through it. Rather, a person who has shared his or her pain and reached back to hold your hand through yours. Take a moment to be grateful for those who have stayed with you during times of uncertainty. And remember, someday it may be your turn to stand at someone's side during moments when they feel powerless."