Suffering from leukemia, Dawna Markova went to an isolated log cabin high in the mountains of Utah in hopes of reconnecting with the passion and purpose in her life. In the opening segment of this interview with New Dimensions host Michael Toms, she talks about what compelled her to extend a two-month stay into a six-month long retreat. The solitude gave her a chance to learn the language of the spruce trees, to see disease as a spiritual teacher, and to relish her self as good company. In the stillness of place Markova heard her heart beating for the first time.

The author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion also talks about living with mystery, the importance of spiritual mentors, and working women. She reads a poem of hers that has had a positive impact upon seekers around the world. Listening to this tape is impossible if you're "driving through your life at 70 miles per hour." Markova helps us slow down and to savor what we have.

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