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Spot of Grace Dawna Markova on our resilient nature and grace in our lives.
Wide Open
Wide Open Meditations that challenge us to do the inner work to awaken our passion and purpose in life.
Spot of Grace A collection of inspirational stories about individuals who have been agents of grace for others or recipients of encouragement and kindness themselves.
Living As If Life Mattered Talks about living with mystery, the importance of spiritual mentors, and working women.
I Will Not Die an Unlived Life A poem and a tale expressing how the practice of zeal can grow out of grief.
No Enemies Within Dawna Markova on the insightful compassion from a cleaning woman.
I Will Not Die an Unlived Life An inspirational work about the spiritual practice of zeal.
No Enemies Within Makes a good case for befriending the demons in our lives as spiritual teachers.