All of us are finding ourselves in uncharted waters, writes M. J. Ryan who has spent 30 years in the publishing industry as an editor of a weekly newspaper, then as an editor of monthly magazines, a book publisher, and the last seven years as an author. She points out that no one really knows what this industry will be like in five to ten years. Many members of the Baby Boom generation are working at part-time jobs at a time they thought they would be retired. Others are bedridden with chronic diseases or depressed about the fact they do not have enough money to carry them through the last stage of life.

Resisting change drains our energies and deflates our spirits. Better to train ourselves in the art of resilience, adaptability, and agility. To help guide us in this direction, Ryan presents "Seven Truths About Change":

1. Change is the one thing you can count on.
2. It's not personal.
3. Your thinking is not always your friend.
4. Change isn't the enemy, fear is.
5. There's a predictable emotional cycle to change.
6. You're more resilient than you may think.
7. Your future is built on a bedrock that is unchanging.

The author then challenges us to become change masters who are developing the skills and practices that will enable us to bounce back from setbacks and to become more resilient in our daily life. Here she covers sending out an SOS, ditching blame, getting the 3 Cs (challenge, control, commitment) in place, and cultivating your witness self.

In a section on "Expand Your Options," Ryan advises us to tap into our inner resources, to re-examine our priorities, and to watch the road, not the potholes. In "Taking Action," she considers just doing one thing, building your brand, using an inspiring mantra to keep up your spirits, and making deposits in your hope account. Ryan ends with a bang: "Twenty Quick Tips for Surviving Changes You Didn't Ask For."